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Experience the Magic of Christmas in an Escape Room Adventure

Attention all classic movie buffs! Are you a die-hard fan of the holiday season? Do you wish to immerse yourself in a holiday-themed experience that’ll make your Christmas merrier? Located in the heart of Orlando, FL, our “A Christmas Story: Immerse the Magic” escape room experience is just what you need. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when the season’s magic seems to fizzle out amidst the hustle and bustle. That’s why we’ve created an escape room experience at Will To Escape that brings the season’s enchantment to life. What better way to experience the holidays all year round? And our classic and hilarious Christmas Story room doesn’t disappoint. Ugly sweaters are optional! 

Step into Your Favorite Holiday Movie

In the spirit of keeping Christmas traditions alive and adding a thrill, we’ve crafted an escape room inspired by the beloved holiday classic, “A Christmas Story.”

Do you remember the infamous leg lamp from the movie? Or the hilarious bunny outfit. We get it; it’s a classic movie, so we want you to experience it with your family and friends. So bring on the eggnog and have a blast! 

Our escape rooms in Orlando are not just games; they’re an adventure that whisks you away to a world filled with holiday magic.

Our “A Christmas Story: Immerse the Magic” escape room caters to groups of 2-8 players, making it perfect for a fun-filled outing with family or friends. With a 60-minute countdown, your team will experience the joy of unraveling mysteries together. Your mistletoe wishes are here to stay! 


Here’s how to embark on this magical journey:

  1. Gather your squad of Christmas enthusiasts.
  2. Choose a date and time that suits your festive schedule.
  3. Book your slot at our escape room center and get ready to step into the magic of Christmas.

Make Merry Memories with Will To Escape

Christmas enthusiasts; it’s time to add a new tradition to your holiday festivities in Orlando, FL. Our “A Christmas Story: Immerse the Magic” escape room is waiting to fill your season with thrill and excitement. Don’t let the magic of the season slip away in routine celebrations. Instead, create lasting memories with our unique escape games in Orlando, FL. Bring on the tinsel tree decorations and all the scented pine you can handle. 

Every minute at our escape room center packs fun, laughter, and the joy of solving mysteries together. Remember, a dull holiday season can steal away the spirit of Christmas, but a visit to Will To Escape can bring it back in full swing. So, are you ready to step into the magic of “A Christmas Story” and make your holiday season unforgettable? Book Now!