If you’re looking for a unique experience filled with adventure, excitement, and bonding time with your friends or family, an escape room game is one of the best activities. Escape rooms are thrilling, interactive puzzles where your group must decipher clues and solve riddles to make it out of the ‘locked’ setting on time. 

It’s the perfect activity for anyone feeling stuck inside a routine or looking for new ways to bond with friends, family, and colleagues. However, the game can be confusing if you haven’t played it before, so you should have all the best tips and techniques. This blog post will explore everything you should know about solving an escape room to ensure you have a great time. Let’s begin!

You Need to Think Like a Detective- Unlock Your Inner Sherlock Holmes!

When you enter an escape room, it’s important to remember that the game is all about problem-solving and deduction. You’ll be presented with a series of clues and puzzles to solve. To solve these puzzles, you need to think like a detective; look for clues everywhere, even seemingly insignificant objects, and talk to your team. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Share New Information- There’s Nothing Like Thinking Out Loud

Have you noticed how some of the best ideas come from discussing with others? That’s why sharing new information you might have discovered is important. One of the best ways to crack the code is by discussing what you and other team members have noticed. Share hidden messages or items that may help you progress faster.

Always Embrace Teamwork- You’re in This Together

The best way to solve something as challenging as an escape room is to have the right team at your side. Make sure to work together, and never forget you’re in this together! Divide tasks like searching for clues or solving puzzles so everyone can be involved. This way, every member gets the chance to use their strengths and come up with creative solutions. Go, team!

Try Everything- The Answer Could Be Where You Least Expect It?

Where’s the fun of doing an escape room if the answer is predictable? Always remember that the key to solving the room can be anywhere, even in places where you wouldn’t usually check! Try all possible combinations with locks, look for hidden messages, and check behind artifacts and furniture—you never know what might give you a breakthrough.

Avoid Overthinking- You’ve Got This

Confidence is key when it comes to escape rooms. Don’t spend too much time overthinking and stressing out, as this will make solving the puzzles harder. Remember that you are always in control of your decisions—the best thing is to take risks and go with them if something seems plausible. Dare yourself!

Manage Your Time Wisely- The Clock Is Ticking

An escape room game has a limited time, so you must work fast and manage your time wisely. The puzzles are often harder than expected, which might make you feel overwhelmed. But remember, it’s all about staying calm and finding the perfect time balance between rushing and stalling. Just delegate and keep an eye on the clock. Tik tok!

Prepare For an Unforgettable Escape Room Adventure at Will To Escape

Escape rooms are an immersive and out-of-the-box journey that will take your team on an entertaining quest. We know that trying new things can make you nervous, so you need the perfect setting to ensure your experience succeeds. That’s why Will To Escape, the premier escape room in Orlando, FL, has designed five unique adventures for you to enjoy!

Our staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have a safe and entertaining time. Just follow these steps to join us:

1. Discover our escape room options: Each setting is unique and filled with puzzles and riddles ready to be solved. Choose the best one!

2. Book your spot online: Once you’ve gathered a good team, complete our online form and book your spot.

3. Get ready for the mission: All you need to do is come over and enjoy this unique experience. 

If you don’t visit our Orlando Florida escape rooms, you’re missing the chance to have the most thrilling and unforgettable adventure with your friends or family! So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been searching for an exciting way to pass the evening hours away or want something different and fun this weekend, come to Will To Escape and unlock your detective skills.


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