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Innocence: Solve the Puzzle and Prove Your Innocence in Jupiter, FL

Innocence escape room poster, man with open arms in the rain

Do you like detective novels, mystery TV shows, and true crime podcasts? Then you know that solving puzzles is part of the fun. You’ve invested a lot of time researching the topic; you deserve a chance to put your knowledge to the test! If you live in Jupiter, FL, you can make that happen at Will To Escape- we have the best escape games in the area!

And for our aspiring detectives, “Innocence” is the perfect scenario for your adventure. In this escape room, you must solve various puzzles to prove your innocence when locked in jail. You can bring friends, family, and co-workers to join you in this unique experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to show those hidden investigative skills!

Step Into The Immersive Story To Unravel The Truth

Welcome to 1935, where you’ve been wrongly accused of a crime! Locked up in a maximum-security prison, you get a hot tip from a guard saying that you’ve been framed by the warden. You have one hour to bust out of your cell and sneak into the warden’s office to clean your name. Stay stealthy, avoid the guards, and good luck!

Learn The Rules of The Game

Check out these cool rules for booking a spot in our fun escape rooms:

       – Gather a team of 2 to 8 people for maximum excitement!

       – All ages are welcome, but bring an adult if you’re under 16.

       – No heavy climbing or lifting is required. Just wear comfy clothes and shoes to enhance the experience.

       – Don’t worry; you can bail out with no consequences if you get anxious or feel like quitting during the game.

Enjoy the thrilling adventure!

Want To Book Your Spot? Do It in Three Simple Steps

Ready for some adventure? Our process is quick and easy, so no worries about booking your spot. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check out our schedules and book a room.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes before the game starts. If you can’t make it, no sweat! You can reschedule with a small fee, as long as you give us more than 4 hours notice.
  3. Enjoy the escape room and all the exciting puzzles. Let the games begin!

Come To Will To Escape And Enjoy an Out-Of-The-Box Experience

As a detective enthusiast, there’s nothing more exciting than using your wits and creativity to solve puzzles. You should get the chance to prove your investigative skills in a fun way. And that’s what you’ll get at Will To Escape! Come challenge yourself with our innovative escape room in Jupiter FL, and show us your detective spirit!

Our mystery escape games have everything you need to enjoy an out-of-the-box experience. Our space is immersive, safe, and exciting – perfect for an escape room adventure! We bring excitement, and you bring your investigative skills. So what are you waiting for? Come solve the puzzle and prove your innocence today!