60 Minutes

All time slots are private room reservations.

The haunted tour company, Wickedly Terrifying Excursions, is excited to offer haunt enthusiasts tours to the Grove Theater, a 1920s abandoned movie theater where, Cinema 7, is the last theater standing. While the rest of the Grove Theater was set to be demolished, an anonymous group has pushed to save the theater, to which because of their efforts, tours to the Grove Theater can begin.

We recommend a minimum of 3 players for beginner escape room players. You can play with 2, but we only recommend it for experienced players.

Please note, Cinema 7, is a VERY PHYSICALLY ACTIVE EXPERIENCE that requires AT LEAST 1 PLAYER TO CRAWL/DUCK AND AT LEAST 2 PLAYERS MUST BE ABLE TO CLIMB STAIRS. This experience is considered a Horror Experience that contains flashing lights, tight spaces, moments of complete darkness, and themes some may find disturbing. We also STRONGLY RECOMMEND Closed Toed Shoes. If you have any questions, please give us a call BEFORE booking this experience!

Location: Will to Escape – Orlando