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The Stolen Relic: An Epic Archaeological Escape Room Adventure in Orlando, FL

Have you ever wanted to step back in time and dive into the mysterious world of ancient civilizations? Do stories about hidden relics and daring archaeological heists seem like fun? You deserve the chance to experience one! We know that finding fun activities that meet your interest in archeology and puzzles can be difficult, but there’s an escape room in Orlando you’ll love.

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure: The Stolen Relic, an epic archaeological adventure at Will To Escape. Here, you’ll join forces with other keen minds, like your friends or family, to face various obstacles and unravel exciting puzzles. If this sounds like the ideal experience, don’t hesitate to book your spot now!

Discover A New Sense Of Fulfillment And Excitement At Our Escape Rooms

At The Stolen Relic, you’re immersed in a thrilling story encouraging curiosity and exploration. Whether you come with a single partner or a big team of friends or family, our escape games offer a unique experience that won’t disappoint. Our archaeological-themed escape room is designed to challenge you and your group with its thrilling puzzles and exciting storyline. Dare to take on the challenge?

What’s The Story About?

Once upon a time, in the deep jungles of Malaysia, there was a legendary temple. Inside this temple was a relic with amazing powers that people had worshiped for centuries. One day, disaster struck – the relic disappeared! Chaos erupted, and everyone was in a frenzy. Rumor had it that a wild anthropologist was the thief.

That’s when your team of daring detectives got the call. Your mission: Find the stolen relic and save the day! But beware, the thief left traps in their home. You only have one hour to complete your mission and keep the relic from being lost forever!

Start The Adventure in Three Simple Steps

Why waste time on long processes when you can book your adventure now? Just follow these steps to save your spot and experience all the fun: 

  1. Check out our options and book a room on a convenient schedule
  2. Be there 15 minutes early for the game. If you can’t make it, no worries! You can reschedule with a small fee, as long as you give us at least 4 hours notice.
  3. Get ready for a thrilling experience! Solve exciting puzzles in our awesome escape room. Let’s go, champ!

Don’t Miss Out On Our Unique Adventure Activities!

As a history enthusiast, there’s nothing better than getting a taste of the past and wrapping your head around puzzles and riddles in a fun, interactive way. At Will To Escape, we understand you just want to explore and have fun without worrying about safety protocols, so we keep up with the highest standards to give you a carefree experience.

If you don’t start planning your adventure now, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to explore The Stolen Relic and dive into an archaeological journey like no other. So why wait? Get ready to embark on a unique adventure full of mystery and puzzles! Contact us today and book your spot at The Stolen Relic for unforgettable memories.