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The Gate: A Thrilling Escape Room Adventure in Orlando, FL

It’s no secret that Orlando is the perfect place for family vacations and adventures with friends. But why settle for a typical day at the theme park when you can experience something truly unique? You can go beyond and be the protagonist of a thrilling adventure at Will To Escape. Our escape room in Orlando FL provide the fun and excitement you deserve during your vacation.

“The Gate” is the perfect scenario to release your adventurous spirit and create lasting memories with your travel mates. You’ll be taken on an exciting Egyptian- inspired journey filled with puzzles, clues, and thrilling challenges to test your wits. If you’re craving extra excitement, don’t hesitate to book your spot!

Dare Yourself in This Captivating Egyptian Setting

A secret excavation project digs out a hidden door to an Egyptian tomb. Inside, an ancient curse threatens to unleash darkness upon the world. To save humanity, a secretive military organization created a device that puts a protective barrier around the gate. 

But the device is weakening, and the curse grows stronger. Now, it’s up to you and your team to crack the code, enter the tomb, and end the curse once and for all!

Don’t Forget To Check The Rules Before Booking

We understand you want to enjoy this experience to the fullest. So here are some 

rules and factors you should consider before grabbing a spot. 

        – Form a team of 2 to 8 people for maximum excitement!

        – All ages can join, but bring an adult if you’re under 16.

        – No heavy climbing or lifting is needed. Just wear comfy clothes and shoes to enhance the fun.

        – Don’t sweat it; you can bail out with no consequences if you feel anxious or want to quit during the game.

        – You can cancel or reschedule for free 48 hours before the event; otherwise, you will be charged a small fee. We don’t do refunds with less than 4 hours’ notice. 

How To Book Your Spot

Ready for an adventure? Our process is super easy and hassle-free. Here’s what you gotta do to discover our adventure escape rooms:

  1. Check out our website for schedules and book a room.
  2. Show up 15 minutes before the game starts so you don’t miss out.
  3. Get ready for an amazing experience! Solve mind-boggling puzzles, and let the games begin!

Add Will To Escape to Your Orlando Vacation Itinerary

Vacationing in Orlando is the perfect idea for those who enjoy thrills. Why not add a unique twist to your bucket list and book The Gate escape room? You deserve an amazing time, and since you enjoy thematic environments, this is the perfect activity. We know you’ll enjoy the puzzles and captivating story.

If you don’t book your spot, you’ll miss out on the perfect opportunity to escape reality and immerse yourself in a captivating environment. So don’t wait any longer to find fun places in Orlando! Book The Gate today and experience an unforgettable adventure with Will To Escape.